Apr 27 – Jul 1, 2012

Steph Cop is the creator of Imaginary Friends, one of the first French graffiti activists and also the founder of the clothing labels Homecare/Ladysoul and Graphik Dzign. After twelve years dedicated to later he began to create a world based upon toys and built on five major axes (energy, the future, the real, obsession and imagination) with five icons: the Five Imaginary Friends. A sixth axis did not materialise, that of the ‘prisoner’ which showed Steph Cop as a prisoner inside himself. A.R.O. (Obsessional Reflex Analysis and also a representa=on of the word ‘arrow’) is an introspective work that represents his philosophy and is the basis of his process of character design. Today Steph Cop withdraw from Paris, different décor, and same obsessions. Forests replaced the walls. As if to cleansing himself of using harmful materials, Steph has isolated in the forests of the Morvan to recreate Aro. The ARO machined in plastic as become into “Wooden Aro”. Equipped with a heavy chainsaw, the artist carves his pieces in fallen trees full of history, plays with the imperfections of the wood creating majestic forms. A work likes a symbolic haven where the artist is surrounded by his pieces, the « imaginary friends ».